Life is busy and getting busier. Sometimes technology causes all kinds of distractions, but it can also be your friend. mindBot is a chatbot that uses introspective questioning and AI to help you organize your mind and concentrate on doing what matters most to you.


Initially developed as a Slack Application, Atchai have been engaged to take the Mindbot concept to every mobile device on the planet, integrating with Twilio’s SMS service and Facebook Messenger. Working in short sprints, we have suceeded in getting an MVP to market within 2 weeks, allowing us to start learning about user needs and continually iterate on the product.


We built a real-time messaging dashboard that allows for “human in the loop”, where an administrator can intervene in the converation and optionally disable the bot. The dashboard also allows you to keep track of all your users, filter them and view their settings and past conversations.

The technology that has been developed and deployed for Mindbot is being made available as a platform to all Atchai customers. Get in touch if you’d like to see a demo.

Mindbot on Facebook Messenger